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Run by the Village, for the Village

The BPFA, or Burwash Playing Field Association, has a rich history that underscores its commitment to fostering community well-being through the management and preservation of Swan Meadow Playing Field in Ham Lane, Burwash. Established with the primary goal of overseeing the administration and maintenance of the playing field, the BPFA has played a pivotal role in shaping the recreational landscape of the village.

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Swan Meadow Playing Field, registered as a charitable entity, holds a special place in the heart of Burwash, serving as a perpetual playing field for the local community. The commitment to maintaining it for the benefit of the village reflects a dedication to providing a space for sports, recreation, and communal activities.


A significant milestone in the history of Swan Meadow occurred in 1998 when the pavilion and sports hall were constructed, accompanied by the addition of two all-weather tennis courts. This expansion was made possible through the support of a Sports Council Lottery grant, showcasing the BPFA's proactive approach in enhancing the recreational facilities available to the community.


Over the years, the BPFA has not only focused on physical infrastructure but has also actively engaged in fundraising and donations to sustain the playing field, pavilion, and the children's play area. The meticulous administration and management of these resources by the BPFA Committee underscore their dedication to ensuring the longevity and accessibility of these amenities for the residents of Burwash.


As a testament to its enduring commitment, the BPFA has become a symbol of community unity and the importance of shared spaces for recreational and social activities. The history of the BPFA is a narrative of community-driven initiatives, collaboration, and the continuous effort to preserve and enhance Swan Meadow Playing Field for the enjoyment of current and future generations in Burwash.

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The BPFA is led by an elected team of community members and trustees who ensure Swan Meadow Playing Field runs smoothly. They oversee day-to-day operations, organise events, and manage fundraising. Their efforts include building partnerships with local businesses and securing grants for ongoing improvements. As custodians of this space, the elected committee members and trustees play a key role in maintaining Swan Meadow as a vibrant centre for sports and community engagement in Burwash.


Natalie Crabtree            Chair

Oliver Blaydon               Treasurer
Scott Chambers            Secretary

Allan Parker-Read         Cricket Club Chairman

Anthony Coulson          Football Club Manager

Paul Morgan-Jones      Cricket Club President

Ben Mayhew                 Tennis Club Secretary

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